Handmade by Valerie Timmis from her studio in Kingston, these unique items from the silk of vintage kimonos combine Japanese aesthetic, luscious quality silks with fine, innovative decoration.

Val TimmisKimono means a wrapping garment for men, women and children; and incorporates robes, jackets and dressing gowns. A kimono is made from a single bolt of cloth and is barely cut retaining flat panels of material. Elegance requires a straight silhouette and therefore decoration, rather than shape, creates beauty.

Historically, status was denoted by colour and symbolism with patterns based on nature linked to the Shinto Buddhist Tradition. Modesty and tradition counterbalanced excesses, and exuberance is often glimpsed behind subtle outward display.

Traditional Japanese designs and colours have a rich history, highly fashionable at the turn of the last century, they remain contemporary today. To these sumptuous beauties: vintage fringing, such as Victorian jet, Edwardian glass beading or dyed silk from the 1920’s, may be added to complete each unique and wearable item.   Wall pieces have silk cords and bespoke hand-crafted frames.