Valerie Timmis

Valerie TimmisMy interest in Japanese fabrics, especially kimono silks, began when I was needing a creative activity whilst struggling to get a job.  I began making batik scarves using plain Chinese silk, but I felt I wanted to find a higher quality silk with greater interest. At first, I started to purchase vintage Japanese kimono silk in order to dye and decorate it myself.  However, as I began to work with these fabrics, I discovered they were fascinating, complex and needed no embellishment from me.

After more than ten years I continue to discover symbolism, process and history in these fabrics, and further, a glimpse of Japanese philosophy and culture. I try to respect each piece, sewing only with silk thread and usually by hand.

I sell most of what I make and I really enjoy sharing the pleasure and excitement of this passion, and seeing others wearing or giving these lovely pieces. I do not sell through third parties, nor through this site, but I do sell at craft fairs or individually.  If you want any more information on prices and current stock, or bespoke items do get in touch.

I now work full time as an artist, and in addition to making scarves, I make Fine Art pieces, including many of the Japanese processes and aesthetic concepts I have learned. Some of these works can be seen in local exhibitions but I mainly do these for my personal satisfaction. Details of exhibitions or sales will be included in news.

I have a Degree and Post Graduate Qualifications in Fine Art, Media and Film.