It is often said that the Kimono can be a work of art and this is no exaggeration.  Kimono vary in type, and whilst some are plain or simply patterned, others can be very elaborate and tell a story, evoke poetry or auspicious happenings.

A black kimono with a flowing picture around the lower part of the hem and rising to one side is a Tomesode.  This is the most formal kimono worn by married women. The beautiful design may be hand-painted and embroidered, sometimes with real gold thread. The Houmongi kimono is “visiting wear” and semi-formal, worn by both married and unmarried women. They are all brightly coloured and the pattern flows over around the hem, across the seams, over the shoulder and the sleeves.

These garments make wonderful wall hangings if selected carefully and crafted to become objects. Suitable panels are lined with complimentary silk and made to be sufficiently robust for hanging.  Each design is researched and it’s meaning gives influence to the shape and structure of it’s frame or rail for suspension. Wooden poles, bamboo or hand-crafted steel brackets shape the bespoke frame to suspend and display these textile “pictures” and cultural artefacts.

Prices vary greatly starting at £60.00