Welcome to KAOS

I have joined KAOS- a group of professional, semi-professional and experienced artists living and working in the Kingston area.

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Handmade Festival at Hampton Court was hot hot HOT

A big thank you to all those who came and said “hello” to Kumadori at the Hampton Court Handmade Festival last weekend.¬† As always, I met very interesting and interested people, many of whom tried on the scarves and looked (and felt) fabulous!


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A real treasure found

Silk thread maybe very strong but it’s easily decayed if not looked after. Very fortunately I have found some Japanese Ecclesiastical silk skeins in perfect condition. These will have come from a Temple and are still in their original paper packet.

I can’t wait to use them.

FREE tickects to Hampton Court Handmade Festival

I have  some free tickets for the Hampton Court Handmade Festival for anyone on my mailing list.

If you are interested to come on Friday 13th/14th/15th September just contact me.



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Wonderful kimonos hand delivered from Japan

Yoshi and Sachiyo live in a 100 year old house which still had a store of possessions from the original owners.

It is going to be hard to take these apart but then they will make equisite pieces.

Friends bring kimonos from Japan

Beads ??


Traditional Japanese jewellery comprised of hair ornaments and or single carved beads (known as … Read more