Plenty of sales and lots of interest at the Contemporary Textiles Fair, Teddington.

The annual Contemporary Textiles Fair held from March 22-24 this year was a splendid array of textile artists and makers of which I was proud to be part.

I had an excellent position and managed to squeeze about 70 scarves and 5 wall-hangings into the space with enough room to enclose a “trying on area”, because as we all know the drape and feel of the silk just has to be experienced!

Thanks to Simon, Caroline, Daryl and Debbie for help with setting up and engaging with interested visitors and buyers. Thanks to all those who stopped and chatted and particularly that great guy who went home and came back with his long stashed kimono which he generously gave to me. He had the foresight to take a selfie of us both but I didn’t even think to get his name…. grateful and pleased, if somewhat exhausted by it all.